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Hello! I’m Heather Obscura.

Women’s Mentor, Co-Founder of Rising Woman and Creator of The Mystic Moon Calendar.


For over 10 years I worked both as a professional photographer and Conscious Relationship Facilitator. I’ve been studying psychology and self-development tools for just as long. (Who knew that photography and psychology go hand in hand!?)

I work with people who value quality over quantity and are ready to do the real work, the shit that really matters.

As such, it’s likely you’ve got high standards which is not such a bad thing, but when it comes to the expectations you set on yourself it seems you never meet the mark.

It’s normal to experience self criticism and self doubt when we are going through massive change, but if it’s getting in the way of you showing up in the world or having epic soul-satisfying relationships, then you’ve got a problem.

That’s where I come in.

Whether you’re joining one of my online programs, the Rising Woman Sisterhood, or a taking an intensive - this I can promise - you’re going to shift. Shift your perspective. Your behavior. And the ‘results’ you’re getting in every area of your life.


Art is not meant to be tasteful, it’s meant to fucking move you.

‘Perfection’ is boring, unrealistic and leads people into thinking they aren’t enough.

I’m not so much as interested in pretty as I am in REAL. The most beautiful people are the ones that have something unusual about them - something you can’t encapsulate - the ones that keep you on your toes.

People should shut up and listen more, when we slow down for a moment and look around us, we’ll find things a lot more interesting than our own drama.

Poetry. Things that make you slow down. They are needed.

Everything is temporary, so why not take the risk?

Growth is imperative, if you’re stagnant you’re dying a boring death.



Finding what moves you, what makes you feel alive, is one of the key factors to happiness.

For me, joy stems from artistic creations and deep conversations that open new ways of seeing and experiencing our lives.

I believe through joy we can restore aliveness to our souls.

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