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Hello! I’m Heather Obscura.

Spirit-Led Mentor, Co-Founder of Rising Woman and Creator of The Mystic Moon Calendar.


My main avenue for teaching is through Rising Woman. We are an educational platform offering programs to help people build a healthier relationship to themselves and others.

With a growing community of over 750 thousand followers, our work is touching the lives of many and continues to expand in its capacity for facilitating healing.

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding and working with trauma, which sits at the root of most of our relational and physical issues.

Through the integration of shadow work, conscious communication tools, spirit medicines and somatic practices I continue to both learn and provide support on these important topics.

My intention is to create safe spaces for those seeking to heal and return to a state of peace, understanding and grace in their lives.

Healing is a non-linear, holistic and curious process.

So many of us are trapped by our trauma, and while we may be working diligently on ourselves, we are stuck.

We often feel terrified that no matter how hard we try we will never truly find happiness within. 

If this is you: you’re not alone, and there is a way.

For over a decade I’ve been exploring the nature of human suffering, the vast complexities of our psyche, and how we can come home to love.

My writing and offerings are an invitation to remember yourself, to find the still place inside where peace resides once again.

This process is a journey, one which I continue to diligently walk.

I invite you to join me, for we have all come here to heal together.




Finding what moves you, what makes you feel alive, is one of the key factors to happiness.

For me, joy stems from artistic creations and deep conversations that open new ways of seeing and experiencing our lives.

I believe through joy we can restore aliveness to our souls.

Explore my insta-feed to feed your soul.