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My creative container is one of magic, exploration and breaking the rules.


I’m currently exploring women’s wisdom, uninhibited sexuality, the shadow/light of our psyche, plant medicines and everything a little bit obscure.

Do you want to make something worth talking about?

Give me a shout if any of the above speaks to you, or if you have an idea that you know I’ll love.


Creative collaboration is a way of life, and I’m all in.


What people are saying


"When I came across Heather’s work I was immediately drawn to the energy and overall aesthetic of her photography. I remember clicking through to her website and thinking, “this is it!” There was something so magical about the way that she captured feminine beauty and ethereal energies- that I knew I had to work with her. The way she inserted colour, geometry and light into her work was exactly what I was looking for, for the re-brand of Chloe’s Countertop.

Up until I found Heather, I knew it was time for a re-design to really boost my business and take it to another level- but I didn’t know exactly how it would look or feel, or how I would do it. I had done some trial work with other accomplished web developers over the past year, however I continued to feel like the brand was flat and the designer didn’t understand me or the overall vision for the brand.

Heather quickly introduced me to her team, and although it was the largest investment in my business so far- I knew I had no choice but to figure it out and say “yes!” Working with Heather has been really special- mostly because it feels as though you are working with a friend and fellow women warrior. She has a true, intuitive passion for female entrepreneurship and is very much connected to the divine. What’s so wonderful is that although each photo and project is unique- they all have one fundamental thing in common, magic.

The day of our shoot, I quite literally felt like a blend of Snow White and Alice in Wonderland- and the photos are incredibly beautiful. They have truly been the building blocks of my new website, my new brand and the stunning new colour palette of Chloe’s Countertop. The photos have created a newfound confidence and direction- and I feel more connected to my intuition and inner strength when it comes to rocking my business and leaping forward! I am so excited to continue to witness the magic unveil.

I highly recommend Heather to anyone that feels ready to make a true investment in themselves and their business and are feeling called to living out their life’s work."

- Chloe Elgar, Chloe's Countertop


"I highly recommend Heather. She is the BEST. Her professionalism, creative vision, and the way she pours her heart and soul into what she does made for one of the funnest, in flow, photo shoots I’ve ever had."

- Stephanie Chevrier, Ink Dust

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"I honestly had no idea how important it would be to my work and my career, to have the type of high quality image that Heather offers. I was skeptical at first, and didn’t really think it would make much of a difference, but let me tell you! Since working with Heather, my entire presentation has undergone a major and much needed upgrade. The entire look and feel of my website has been enhanced, and I am able to present my work in a way that reflects class, elegance, and it’s true value. I have these amazing photographs to send out for interviews and media appearances, and it has just taken my work to a whole new level of success.

Heather is amazingly gifted in her craft, and has a fun and creative flair for bringing out the unique expression of each person. This was one of the best investments of my career, and I am so very grateful that I had the opportunity to receive the benefit of her magic! If you are undecided, I encourage you to take the leap, it will be worth it in every way imaginable!"

- Devi Ward, Devi Ward Tantra


"After my Photo Mantra with Heather I quickly (within the week) attracted over $7500 work with new clients as well as several speaking engagements. I love knowing that when people see my photos whether on social media, my website or on my bio through other sources that they are seeing my true essence and what I am here to help with. I feel confident knowing that those that need to be attracted to my work will immediately know it when they see my photo mantras.

I admit though that I was initially hesitant due to the investment, I had never paid for a photo shoot before. I knew I had to go for it anyway because it was time for me to really up level my business and my life in general. I wanted what I wanted and I wanted the best and wasn’t willing to compromise. I am so glad I trusted that because I more than paid off my investment within two days! I highly recommend a Photo Mantra Photo shoot with Heather for anyone who wants to feel luxurious, worthy, and totally ready to up level their business and lives and confidently put themselves out there in the world through their pictures – pictures that attract what they desire!"

- Allison Braun, The Business Joyologist


"When I saw Heather’s work I knew I would be in good hands, but I was not looking forward to having my photo taken. Nor was I interested in seeing what I looked like.

As someone who is not comfortable in front of a camera, and sometimes does not want to be ‘seen’, I was prepared for this to be a painful experience.

Although I felt nervous, Heather was completely accepting and told me to take a minute for myself, after which she made it known that it was okay and normal to feel that way. The experience ended up being more comfortable than I thought possible. As she did her work, with her guidance and encouragement, I was just able to be.

When I saw the photos, I loved them. The photos represent who I really am, and I felt so proud to be me. This experience changed the way I view myself, and that is changing how I show up in life. Heather sees so much beauty that maybe you don’t see for yourself… yet!"

- Devon Sockett, Devon Sockett RMT


"When I first considered having my photo taken I was really concerned that my insecurities in front of the camera would come through in the images. I almost let this fear stop me, but Heather really is a master at what she does, in no time I felt confident, secure and beautiful in front of the lens. Not only that, I began to realize that my Photos, tied in with my Brand Strategy with Heather, revealed how my brand was just as deep and vibrant as my personality, which is pretty convenient seeing that I am my brand!

Whenever I look at the photos Heather created of me, I’m swept away to this beautiful experience that I will never forget, it’s been anchored in the photographs. I put one of the images on my business card, and it’s been extremely effective as each and every person who sees it comments on how stunning the image is and begins a conversation that would have otherwise not been had. If I had just put my logo on the card, it would have been just like all the rest, with people forgetting who I am rather than striking up a conversation with me. I’ve even had people contact me through my website just to compliment me on how amazing the photos are. It’s really opened up a whole new level of visibility and connection that I never had before and I am eternally grateful.

I highly recommend working with Heather to anyone who is a ‘soulpreneur’ and is the face of their brand and wants images that can stand alone, without words or context, and still have an impact. They are truly that powerful."

Lisa Freidt, 

Catalyst Coaching & Consulting


"Before working with Heather I worried that I was being a bit too extravagant booking this type of photo shoot experience and I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I’m so grateful I worked through my resistance and invested in myself because the day we spent together was such a gift! It was truly priceless when you take into account the joy and confidence that it inspired from within.

Heather’s unique ability to be present in each moment and her genuine interest in supporting me to connect with my heart was wonderful. Since rebranding, I’ve had more confidence stepping into my new role as a life coach and I am really embracing the gifts I have to share with others. I highly recommend Heather to anyone that is looking for amazing photos, as well as an experience that encourages you to get clear and focus on what is the real motivation behind what you do.

Working with Heather I was encouraged to go into my heart, explore and share…thank you! Much love."

- Julie Singer, Intentional Day Planner