Discover ancient & Proven tools for deep healing.


Essence Mentorship


Truth and Beauty are equal, inseparable, and ultimately indistinguishable paths toward one end - knowledge - which is indeed all we can or need to know on earth”

- Irving Lavin, Art Historian

When I unravel a deep truth, or have an ‘aha’ moment, my soul is stirred. I feel a profound sense of energy within me, and with that a deep desire to creatively self-express. Words, images, movement, and conversations that wake the soul come through me - this is when I feel on purpose, this is when I feel alive.

It is my highest calling to share this sustenance for the soul with those feeling deprived of joy, excitement and fulfillment in their life. To curate experiences of awakening through the power of truth and beauty.

Truth requires a deep commitment to facing our fears and feeling through the discomfort that arises from growth.

Beauty asks of us to let go of what we’ve been programmed to believe, and to explore the unknown in a way that sets us free. From there we access knowledge, and with that knowledge move towards acceptance, wisdom and deep insight.

While the journey of embodying our own personal truth and beauty can be challenging, the results are well worth the exploration.


Creative Collaboration


Art for me is a way of life, providing exploration, healing, understanding and education.

It’s an avenue of transcendence, and is one of the most powerful tools I work with as a part of my daily practice. I regularly collaborate with other creative folk, and individuals looking to work with art as a healing tool. If you’re ready to create some magic, explore what my creative container has to offer.





The Rising Woman Sisterhood is a Vancouver based weekly gathering of wild women.

We come together as we are, in a safe space to be held in sisterhood, be seen, and navigate our own wounds that are calling to be healed at this time. Within this safe container we’ve co-created, we explore our shadow issues, archetypal work, unravel our relationship patterns and support one another to develop a deeper sense of wholeness, power and integration as conscious women.